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20/20 Insight GOLD is a state-of-the-art software system that simplifies the process of collecting feedback for individuals, teams or an entire organization. The system also contains the revolutionary Individual Development Planner, a self-directed development planning software program that helps people move from feedback to action.

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20/20 Insight GOLD

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20/20 Insight GOLD: Take a guided tour of the program

Respondent software: Experience the software from the perspective of a survey respondent
Individual Development Planner: Discover the built-in software module that helps each individual understand their feedback and develop action steps

The 360 Smart Kit™

360 Smart Kit

This CD-ROM offers answers to over 80 questions, presentation tools that take the work out of designing sessions & handouts to support the 360 process, 5 articles on 360-degree feedback written by experts in the field, and a comprehensive 360 bibliography.
360 Services

One-on-one coaching

Team Builders Plus can help you with all phases of the 360 process, including: Survey design, administration, one-on-one coaching, and supplemental training.

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Your in good company when you use 20/20 Insight GOLD.
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If you are an independent consultant and would like to learn about offering this revolutionary software system to your clients, please contact Ken Blackwell, Team Builders Plus at (856) 596-4196.
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