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20/20 Insight GOLD User Organizations

Alyeska-Pipeline Service
American Management Association
American Medical Association
American Standard Company
Ameritech Information Industry Services
Arthur J. Gallagher & Company
Atlantic Mutual Insurance
Au Bon Pain
Bank of America
Bank One
Barr Engineering Company
BellSouth Telecommunications
Blockbuster Video
Blue Cross Blue Shield MD
Bose Corporation
Canadian Airlines
Canon USA
Catholic Charities
Cendant Mortgage Services
Center for Army Leadership
Centra Gas
Central Carolina Bank
Chevron Corporation
C.H. Robinson
Citizens Gas & Coke Utility
City of Auburn, ME
City of Greensboro, NC
City of St. Paul, MN
Claridge Casino
Columbia Gas
Comcast Corporation
Comerica, Inc.
Commonwealth Telephone
Council for Excellence in Government
Dayton Power & Light
Detroit Edison
Deutsche Financial Services
Eastern Propane Gas
Ernst & Young Barbados
Federal Express
Federal Reserve Bank, KC
First Data Corporation
First Technology Credit Union
FL Dept. of Health
Ford Foundation
Franklin International
G.E. Capital CreditServices
Gennum Corporation
GMAC Mortgage
Griffin Credit Services
Harmon, Ltd.
Hershey Foods Corporation
Hill and Knowlton
Johnson & Johnson
Keyspan Energy Corporation
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
The Kroger Company
Kyocera America
Lancaster Health Alliance
Luck Stone
Marigold Foods
McGladrey & Pullen
McNeil Consumer Products
Microsoft Corporation
Mobil Oil Corporation
Municipality of Anchorage, AK
NASA Langley Research Center
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Nebraska Furniture Mart
Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation
Norcen Explorer
Oklahoma Gas & Electric
Open Software Foundation
Pacific Medical Clinics
PECO Energy Company
PEMCO Financial Services
Peterbuilt Motors
Pharmacia & Upjohn
Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Pitney Bowes
Red Wing Company
Rexnord Company
Reynolds Aluminum Supply Company
RJR Tobacco Company
Royal Canadian Mint
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
Santee Cooper
Saskatoon Credit Union
SBC Communications
Sensormatic Electronics Corporation
Spinnaker Coating
Sverdrup Technology
TELUS Corporation
Thermo Design Engineering
USIA Voice of America
US Bancorp
US Coast Guard Academy
US Department of Commerce
US Patent & Trademark Office
VA Dept. of Taxation
The Weather Channel
Westinghouse Savannah River Company

Customer Testimonials

"20/20 Insight is extremely flexible and user-friendly. If we did have questions, the support from the technical staff at Performance Support Systems was excellent. The information we have obtained is being used by employees to set goals and design individual development plans throughout the entire organization."

- Nancy Lombard, PEMCO Financial Services

"We are very happy with 20/20 Insight! The efficiency of the system, along with the confidentiality and anonymity, has made 20/20 Insight very popular among our users of the product. We feel that 20/20 Insight will be a key component in the continued development of our leadership team at Hershey Foods Corporation."

- Jim Czupil, Hershey Foods Corporation

When addressing the challenge to introduce a low-cost effective 360-degree feedback process that could be managed in-house, the 20/20 Insight GOLD system was the logical choice. For less than $3000 plus a nominal per-participant charge, I was able to own a system that can be used indefinitely and for as many participants as I need. It has allowed me to truly establish a process versus a program."

- Stephen Fremder, Spinnaker Coating

"My internal customers have benefited the most from the ability to customize the survey items, the scales and respondent relationships. 20/20 Insight gives me the flexibility I need to meet my internal customers' needs. Also, the technical support staff is knowledgeable, patient and responsive."

- Suzanne Hendler, BellSouth

"Incorporating 20/20 Insight into a training program for our salespeople has met with very positive results. The participants of the class feel they have gained valuable knowledge about how their customers perceive them and they would not have been able to obtain this information elsewhere."

- Ginger L. Eardley, SYSCO

"The 20/20 Insight system is so user friendly and technical support has been wonderful to work with, although the system is so easy I rarely have to contact them. I have received rave reviews from my employees on how well they like the electronic format; it is simple and confidential and is very easy to administer."

- Patty Camp, Barr Engineering

"20/20 Insight is a very user-friendly software. I have evaluated several software packages, and this one provides the most bang for the buck. Also, the support staff at PSS has provided very professional, courteous, and prompt assistance anytime I've ever had problems. These problems have been rare."

- Greg Tedder, Santee Cooper

"What I like most about the entire process are your tech support people. I have dealt with a number of HELP lines in my time and I have never encountered such competent and friendly people. I have never once hesitated to call them with an issue because I know that if they are uncertain about the problem they will find someone who can help!

I also find the software quite user friendly and have not had any serious issues. This product has helped us bring issues to the attention of individual leaders so that they could in turn take action for improvement. It is great having access to all of the survey results at the touch of a button and not having to wait while results are being tallied at some external organization."

Jodine Barrett, Petro-Canada

"20/20 Insight GOLD has enabled us to provide our clients with quality feedback in a timely manner. The ability to administer the program internally has allowed for a significant hands-on approach that was never available when we were working with external consultants.

In addition, the technical support provided as part of the support package has been reliable and provided by an obviously well qualified technical staff. When initially considering the program for purchase, the technical support staff were able to answer our IT system questions with just one teleconference."

The program is well laid out and logical in the format and design of the feedback mechanism."

- Katharine LaForest, Alyeska-Pipeline

"The flexibility of the program is what first attracted us to 20/20 Insight and we have found that by being able to customize the questions, we are able to promote First Tech's mission, vision and values. We have also found that the program helps to support a healthy organizational culture by increasing communication, providing credible performance-based feedback, and increasing job satisfaction and empowerment. Organization-wide, we believe the review process is more accurate, fair, and helpful to everyone.

Our employees have also seen benefits from going through the 360 process using the 20/20 software: identifying goals, having a more open atmosphere, building self-esteem, and getting the opportunity to learn about areas to improve."

- Wayne Young, First Technology

"The 20/20 Insight software gives the great new development of being able to have a 100% return rate from respondents and assure complete confidentiality. Using 20/20 Insight's software makes compilation and tabulation easier and more flexible than anything I have ever used on such a project. The flexibility of this program makes it possible for successful use at any organization."

- Peter Leisen, Marigold Foods

"20/20 Insight has been a cost-effective and efficient tool for measuring our organization/s Level III management development training program outcomes. Our managers' response to the reports generated by 20/20 has been overwhelmingly positive. They are impressed by what they learn and through its use, know that we are serious about their personal development as managers. Furthermore, as the system's administrator, I found the product easy to learn. Thank you for creating such a useful, well thought-out product backed by exceptional technical support."

- Alicia McBride, Catholic Charities

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