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Q & A

What is WebResponse for 20/20 Insight GOLD?
WebResponse for 20/20 Insight GOLD is a separate software program that gives respondents a fifth media option—web-based assessments—in addition to diskettes, network, email and paper. Installed on a web server, it manages the distribution and collection of web assessments created in the 20/20 software.

Can I purchase WebResponse without purchasing 20/20 Insight GOLD?
No. WebResponse is a separate program that is used in conjunction with the 20/20 Insight GOLD system.

What are the major advantages of using web assessments?
Web assessments are easier and faster than other media options for both the 20/20 administrator and the respondents. There’s no time spent making diskettes or distributing paper questionnaires. People at remote sites simply access a web address rather than having to download e-mail attachments.

How do you install WebResponse?
The installation and set-up of WebResponse is a two-step process:

How does the 20/20 administrator use WebResponse?
When completing Step 7, Assessments, in a 20/20 project, the administrator selects "Web" as the media option for each respondent who will complete assessments using WebResponse. (Any combination of media options may be used in the same project.) To ensure security, the administrator can assign usernames and passwords to web assessments as well as other media options. The 20/20 program will automatically send an email to respondents, notifying them of the web address of the assessment.

How do respondents use WebResponse?
Respondents use the web address to go to the WebResponse page. They click on their name (or username), then enter their password. They complete the assessments just as they would do with the other media options. They can save their responses and return later. The final "Save" announces that their responses are complete, and the program collects them automatically.

How much does WebResponse cost?
Please contact Ken Blackwell at Team Builders Plus, 856-596-4196, for pricing info.

If we own three copies of 20/20 Insight GOLD, do we have to purchase three copies of WebResponse?
No.  If you use one web server throughout your organization, you’ll only need one copy of WebResponse. If you need to install WebResponse on more than one web server, then you’ll need to purchase a separate copy for each web server.

What are the technical requirements for WebResponse?
These are the minimum requirements for the program:



One of the following web browsers:

One of the following connections to web server, depending on its location:


One of the following connections to web server, depending on its location:


Local web server administrator/network engineer to:


To view a demo of the WebResponse interface, Click Here.


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